Escape Rooms Colchester

Escape Rooms Colchester
4th January 2019 samantha
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Morley Riches & Ablewhite ventured into the Escape Rooms Colchester to undertake “team bonding”!!!!  just before the Christmas break.

I am pleased to report we did escape from the Witchcraft and Wizardry Room with 5 minutes to spare!!!!!  It was touch and go and we did require a little nudging in the right direction towards the end when I was presented with a wand and a picture with which to open the door to escape and I wasn’t exactly sure how to get the two to talk!!!  The traditional Abracadabra didn’t seem to work but touching the two together in a Wizard type way got us there and we heard the click of the door opening.  A wonderful sound!!!!!!!!

Having made our escape we exited stage right to the Church Street Tavern where we ate until we were podged!!!!

A great night was had by all and we can thoroughly recommend the Escape Rooms for a fun night out.

Sam Morley

January 2019

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