Girl Power in top jobs!

Girl Power in top jobs!
25th July 2016 MorleyRichesAblewhite
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Following on from the recent appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister, Morley Riches and Ablewhite were pleased to read some pretty encouraging statistics in the Property Press this week…

  • In the top 20 businesses by financial performance in 2014, 27% of leaders were women. In the bottom 20%, only 19% of leaders were women – DDI and The Conference Board
  • The more women on a corporate board, the less a company pays for its acquisitions – by as much as 15.4% with each female director – University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business
  • Businesses with at least one female board member saw an average return on equity of 14.1% for the 10 years to 2015. By comparison, average returns for all male boards were 11.2% – Credit Suisse
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